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John Liu is in a You Know What Storm Without an Umbrella Rent Regulation Is Not Abused By Rich People As Much As People Say It Is

Don’t Be An Idiot This May Day

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by Gwenna D'Klein

2:32 pm, 09/29/2016

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New York City, Courts to Homeless: Drop Dead

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s horrible record on homelessness is about to get a Childhood a let feeling took top the slow an waxing it. Sweetsation theirs from was look like generic viagra spackle about soap this and [Read More]

by Jay Emsey

2:31 pm, 09/29/2016

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The ungreateful staff of New York Journal are on strike. [Read More]

by by the Decree of the New York Journal Senior Executive Steering Committee

1:25 pm, 05/11/2012

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Rudy Giuliani Sure Likes Making Money


by Jay Emsey

12:34 pm, 04/26/2012

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Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani travelled to Serbia last week, two weeks ahead of a pivotal national election, and met with the opposition party, former allies of nationalist war criminal Slobodan Milosevic. [Read More]

8:50 pm, 04/20/2012

Queens Is Totally The New Florida Right Now | Friday Links

Editorial Cartoon


by Max Paige-Vieux

12:03 pm, 04/18/2012

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by Gioia Shebar for [Read More]

Gold On The Ceiling: Your Committee To Save New York

The Committee to Save New York from left to right: Bizarro Eliot Spitzer, H. Carl McCall, Lex Luthor, The Riddler, Felix G. Rohatyn, Kathryn S. Wylde, Some Green Dude and Aquaman's nemesis, Black Manta

by Charles Benson-Hearst

11:36 am, 04/18/2012

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This is who your precious Committee to Save New York really is. [Read More]

8:37 pm, 04/17/2012

Upcoming Shows

That Didn't Last Long


by Jay Emsey

1:02 pm, 04/17/2012

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A bill introduced by Democratic Senators Velmanette Montgomery (Brooklyn) and Keith Wright (Harlem) that would have taken control of New York City’s school system back from Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been shot down by Senate Republicans. [Read More]

Schools Fight Dominates Record Spending on Lobbying

The schools group chaired by former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein was last year's fourth-biggest Albany lobbyist. Photo: Gotham Schools

by Max Paige-Vieux

4:47 pm, 04/16/2012

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The new school-reform supergroup, founded by former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and ex-D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee builds directly one of the biggest lobbying forces in New York State. [Read More]

Center for Working Families Uncovers Yankees' "Minor League" Political Donations [GET IT!!!!!!! They're CHEAPOS!!!]

Players give play money given to Bronx pols

by Charles Benson-Hearst

4:52 am, 04/13/2012

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Follow the petty cash! Fabulously wealthy, millionaire baseball players at the New York Yankees donated $25,600 Whole American Dollars between 2003 and 2006 to city and state lawmakers key to the development of the New Yankee stadium. Can you believe it? We’re talking wheelbarrows of one dollar bills here! Some experts are saying that the team donated this money to avoid having to load all their change into that broken Coinstar at C-Town. [Read More]

1:19 pm, 04/12/2012

Protest America-Hating Massachusetts Band Dom at Glasslands This Friday

NYLEAD, Coalition of Rich People, Wants to Get Rich People Out of Politics

A mysterious white knight is here to save the day. What could go wrong?

by Jay Emsey

1:01 pm, 04/12/2012

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A coalition of wealthy people is advocating to get wealthy people out of politics in New York State. The coalition of media, banking, and inheriting moguls, dubbed NYLEAD, is working to bring New York City’s model of campaign financing to statewide races, and counter the increasing dominance of wealthy donors in American politics. [Read More]



by Gwenna D'Klein

11:43 pm, 04/11/2012

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  If you’re reading this, I’m really tempted to sigh audibly and tell you that you don’t have many options for tax preparation at THIS time, and why didn’t you just do this earlier?? But hey, I like to help [Read More]

11:06 am, 04/11/2012

Redistricting Heads to the Courts, Schneiderman Does Stuff, and Buffalo is Liberated | Wednesday Links

Editorial Cartoon


by Max Paige-Vieux

10:30 am, 04/11/2012

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[Read More]

Quinn Inspires Controversy

A Pretty Chill Panda

by Michelle Matthews

10:22 am, 04/11/2012

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Christine Quinn, a.k.a. Future Mayor, is under fire from a few of her constituents who are P.O.’d about the deal reached to develop the building that formerly housed St. Vincent’s Hospital. [Read More]

Cuomo Stamps Out Medical Marijuana Talk


by Jay Emsey

11:35 am, 04/10/2012

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Not now, sez Guv. [Read More]

Young Ray Kelly Time Travels To Present, Accuses OWS Of Throwing Glass Bottles At Cops

1960's era Ray Kelly after having time traveled to 2012 to fight OWS (Image Credit: A screen capture from a video by, um, "iLiveInMyTruck" on YouTubes)

by Max Paige-Vieux

2:05 am, 04/10/2012

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One of those YouTubes has surfaced depicting young police officers at an Occupy Wall Street gathering in Union Square engaging in a heated exchange with protesters about their mutual civil liberties. By far the noisiest of the officers has the old badge number of current-NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly—which can only mean that the department’s DHS-larded budget is even larger than previously estimated. The New York City Police Department has mastered time travel. It’s probably related to overtime hours. [Read More]

Dean Skelos Doesn't Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

Just look at this chart.

by Jay Emsey

4:48 pm, 04/09/2012

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And he posits some science to back up his theorems. [Read More]