Coming soon to Earth, in like 50 million years (Credit: MSNBC).


Christine Quinn gives her first campaign speech err…annual State of the City Speech.


Listen to Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos give his take on redistricting.


Congressional primary election schedule is still a clusterfudge.


In which hotel workers will finally be properly compensated for cleaning up after your various bodily functions.


Scipio is the latest NY town to pursue a fracking ban.


In news that will embarrass us if Europeans find out: Artists given the “opportunity” to barter for their health care, and the whooping cough makes a triumphant return in some Putnam school districts.


Health insurance companies will now be required to provide explanations of health care plans that people who don’t work for health insurance companies can understand.


Amasia is the hottest combo-continent since Pangea!

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