A typical accountant, working on New York's state budget.

Albany lawmakers have reached an agreement on this year’s state budget. They’ll pass it sometime before Saturday.

The Committee to Save New York, an advocacy organization for Wall Street and New York City’s top real estate interests, is happy with this year’s budget. They apparently got what they paid for.

Including the Committee to Save New York’s $12 million investment, lobbyists spent $220 million influencing Albany lobbyists.

Public service can pay: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s former Press Secretary Patricia Lynch has a lobbying firm. They netted $8 million last year.

Hipster City Councilor Steve Levin has a good idea involving bicycles in New York City.

Western New York Republican leaders are going to let Chris Lee and David Bellavia duke it out, primary-wise, for the chance to take on Congressional incumbent Kathie Hochul. There’s some bad blood between the two.

NYC police complaints will no longer be tried in house, but by the independent Civilian Complaint Review Board.


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