This symbol means that today's Links is full of dull redistricting info, and that Hipster News has been added to compensate.


Lawmakers plan to vote today on the district lines that they drew to re-elect themselves. Passage is expected.


Andrew Cuomo, bad at math, says that he thinks the legislature’s proposed redistricting lines and those of the SPECIAL MASTER are 98% the same. Bad at math, or bad at math like a fox?


The fight is no longer about whether election lines will be independent and/or non-partisan, but how everyone involved can save face through some bullshit constitutional amendment.


Is Andrew Cuomo trying to connect with younger voters by hiding his math skills?


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has subpoenaed Occupy activist Jeff Rae’s twitter.


You may follow viagra generics uk New York Journal at @NYJournalTeam (is that redundant?) and being journalists, we viagra in pakistan will protect the integrity of your DMs throughout the judicial process.


Occupiers are planning to Occupy Romney today at the Waldorf.


If protesting at the Waldorf today, we recommend stopping in for this salad, which is delicious.


The Assembly and Senate released their versions of the budget today, neither of which included the Tier 6 cialis pastilla public employee benefit cuts championed by Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and those smug rich guys you see downtown who have fucking tans in the middle of best prices on viagra winter. buycialisonline-topstore Man, fuck those guys. (That’s enough. -Ed.)


What one of those guys looks like.


Hipster News


We didn’t even read this but go ahead and report back if there’s anything in there.


Jake Gyllenhall kills some hipsters in every Gawker reader’s favorite fantasy video ever.


Hipsters are moving to Glebe, Australia.


Hate on these hipsters, if it makes you happy somehow.

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