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John Liu is in a You Know What Storm Without an Umbrella Rent Regulation Is Not Abused By Rich People As Much As People Say It Is

Goldman Sachs

9:39 am, 03/16/2012

Goldman Sachs is Anti-Muppet | Friday Links

Who Is Attorney General Eric Schneiderman?

#1 Lawyer! (Source: AP)

by Jane Smith

5:20 pm, 02/07/2012

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  According to a recent Siena College poll, 63% of New Yorkers don’t know who Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is. Get it together, New York! This guy is legit, and uh, kind of a dreamboat. He’s a progressive Democrat who [Read More]

11:00 am, 12/12/2011

14 People Randomly Selected For Ethics Panel At Last Minute

The Phantom Company Out-Trading Goldman Sachs

Factory-Wrapped Alpha-Quant Douche Sticks

by Charles Benson-Hearst

4:49 pm, 10/12/2011

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FOR YEARS Goldman Sachs has been the dominant player in algorithmic trading and, in particular, the high-frequency trading (HFT) market, boasting the largest and (arguably) most successful ‘automated trading’ operation on Wall Street. That changed this week, with the NYSE’s weekly program trading report unveiling a shadowy new top firm, Latour Trading, LLC—whose website is completely effing blank! [Read More]

Is NYT’s Dealbook the Worst, or Simply Kinda Bad?


by Charles Benson-Hearst

12:39 pm, 08/24/2011

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SO ANYWAY, Andrew Ross Sorkin and Dealbook, his “financial news service” or whatever, continue their Faustian bargain with Wall Street this week—publishing milquetoast apologia in exchange for idk … A velveteen cushion of ad revenue from the very financial services they’re supposed to be objectively covering? A share of the Wall Street Journal’s readership as revenge for the journal creating a pointless Metro section exclusively to compete with the New York Times? A chance to get some c%l VC’s and i-Bankers to follow them on FaceB%k? “W%f!” u kno? [Read More]