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John Liu is in a You Know What Storm Without an Umbrella Rent Regulation Is Not Abused By Rich People As Much As People Say It Is


8:50 pm, 04/20/2012

Queens Is Totally The New Florida Right Now | Friday Links

Young Ray Kelly Time Travels To Present, Accuses OWS Of Throwing Glass Bottles At Cops

1960's era Ray Kelly after having time traveled to 2012 to fight OWS (Image Credit: A screen capture from a video by, um, "iLiveInMyTruck" on YouTubes)

by Max Paige-Vieux

2:05 am, 04/10/2012

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One of those YouTubes has surfaced depicting young police officers at an Occupy Wall Street gathering in Union Square engaging in a heated exchange with protesters about their mutual civil liberties. By far the noisiest of the officers has the old badge number of current-NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly—which can only mean that the department’s DHS-larded budget is even larger than previously estimated. The New York City Police Department has mastered time travel. It’s probably related to overtime hours. [Read More]

Occupy Wall Street is BACK


by Jane Smith

12:17 am, 03/20/2012

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kidney disease treatment p> Everyone pick up that poster-board and thick marker again and head back down to Zuccotti Park, cause Spring is here! Not freezing your extremities off makes it way easier to protest, and with election season ramping [Read More]

5:51 pm, 01/20/2012

Tennessee State Rep. Niceley Not So Nicely Invites New Yorkers to Tennessee

11:05 am, 12/19/2011

No One Knows Who or What Killed Charlie the Carriage Horse

11:00 am, 12/12/2011

14 People Randomly Selected For Ethics Panel At Last Minute

1:11 pm, 12/09/2011

Thank ‘The Government’ For Making Rich People Pay

2:14 am, 12/05/2011

Read Governor Cuomo’s Lips: No New Taxes, Kind Of

America Looks like New York State. Occupy YOUR Town.


by Jane Smith

1:38 pm, 11/17/2011

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college paper writing p>While #OccupyWallSt regains its footing, there are plenty of other places to lay out your sleeping bags, yell at bankers, and be American from Brooklyn to Utica! In addition, check out burgeoning Facebook pages uniting the New [Read More]

12:26 pm, 11/16/2011

Watch Black Lips Get Controvertial In Provocative New Video

6:41 am, 11/16/2011

Foreclosure at Liberty Square

5:33 am, 11/02/2011

Bloomberg Half Right

12:30 pm, 10/31/2011

“Snow-loween” Storm Gives New Yorkers “Cold Chills,” Local News Anchor Refuses To Say

The Phantom Company Out-Trading Goldman Sachs

Factory-Wrapped Alpha-Quant Douche Sticks

by Charles Benson-Hearst

4:49 pm, 10/12/2011

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FOR YEARS Goldman Sachs has been the dominant player in algorithmic trading and, in particular, the high-frequency trading (HFT) market, boasting the largest and (arguably) most successful ‘automated trading’ operation on Wall Street. That changed this week, with the NYSE’s weekly program trading report unveiling a shadowy new top firm, Latour Trading, LLC—whose website is completely effing blank! [Read More]



by Jay Emsey

2:54 pm, 10/07/2011

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A MAJOR CLASS WAR VICTORY! In less than three weeks, #OccupyWallSt has already redistributed $2 million in government largess, diverting the sum toward overtime wages for working men and women in New York City! [Read More]