Alan Hevesi and Ja Rule Are Friends

Tupac Sh Ja Rule


SHITTY RAPPER Ja Rule is now friends with shitty former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. Upon reflection, it makes total sense that all the high profile prisoners at Mid-State Correctional Facility get to hang out and watch Colbert together, but we just never thought about it before.


Ja says that he and “Hevey” are both Democrats, so that’s cool. He told me how it’s like pulling teeth with the two parties trying to get bills passed.


The shitty rapper also said life in prison is “amazing,” which it probably is if you’re only there for a short time and getting stock advice from CEOs and don’t have to find a job or housing when you get out. Maybe.


Hevesi pleaded guilty in October of 2010 to directing $250 million of state pension fund management to a California private equity firm, Markstone Capitol Partners, in exchange for $1 million in gifts, of which he has paid back $200,000. He is serving a maximum of four years in prison but is eligible for release later this month.


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