Food Adventure in New York City!

fund food day adventure in new yorkToday you are going to read about Linda, and I go on some fun food adventure in New York.

Let’s get to it. Oh my gosh, I want to eat all of them – Baked by Melissa is so yummy. We just walked out of there with 50 cupcakes, but they’re like this big. – [Sharon] 50 cupcakes. – [Linda] Look at how cute they are. – [Susan] Look at how many. – [Sharon] They’re so cute. – [Susan] They’re so cute. – [Sharon] There are so many cupcakes. – We’re gonna eat them all, right this second. – Susan’s like, so excited. – [Linda] Chocolate jimmies, cookie dough, – [Sharon] triple chocolate – [Linda] mint cookie – [Sharon] milk and cookies. I think that’s all of them. – [Susan] Which one are you guys most excited for? – Triple chocolates. – I wanna try the cookie dough. – [Susan] Okay, try ’em. Wow what a food adventure.

This is gonna be so yummy. – They’re so cute. – [Susan] It’s been two minutes, and we’ve already devoured more than half of these cupcakes. – We’re good. – [Susan] I’d say we’re just the best. – We just walked into a meeting, and you will never believe what they had for us. – [Sharon] More cupcakes. – More cupcakes. We literally just ate like 50 cupcakes. – We just ate, like so many of them. – Now we have like 50 more. I’m not complaining. I mean. I’m excited to eat them again, but we just thought it was hilarious. It was in like 5 minutes that we got back from the Baked by Melissa that we got more Baked by Melissa.

[Sharon] Now, 25 times three, we have 75 cupcakes. – Cupcakes, anybody wants one? – Hey guys, we are having a little competition, me and Susan are gonna go get some 99 cent pizza on the street of New York , – And Jennifer and I are gonna go get Angelo’s pizza, and we’re gonna compare and see which pizza’s better. – Alright, let’s go. I’m excited. – Our pizza is totally gonna win. Everybody knows dollar pizza off the street in New York’s the best. – I know, Susan and I decided that like the thin crust, greasy, the one that comes in a paper plate that’s almost falling apart. – Yep. – That’s the kind of pizza that’s like the bomb here in New York, so I think we’re gonna win the competition because Angelo’s Pizza looks a little too fancy of a restaurant to be really quality. Are you enjoying our food adventure in New York?

That’s the total opposite of what you would think it would be, but we’ll see, we’re gonna compare later. – Let’s go. – They’ll only give us a pie of pizza; they won’t give us a slice. – Should we just take a pie then? – Should we get a pie? Should we ask how long it will be for a pie? – Yeah we should ask. – Yeah let’s see how long it’ll be for a pie. So we ordered an entire pie of pizza. – This is gonna be interesting. – Change of plans ya’ll, so we got to the 99 cent pizza place, and it didn’t look that great, so we looked up another restaurant on Yelp, and we are going there, and we’re gonna tell them that it’s from the 99 cent pizza shop. But I mean it looked, the new one looks good, and it’s like a five-minute walk. – And it’s still; like your classic, I think it’s still 99 cents, so we’re still qualified for this round of 99 cents versus fancy pizza. – I think we’re still gonna win; I really want like that authentic, thin, thin crust.

– So we came to the restaurant without realizing that, – Yeah we think we saw James Cordon out there. – [Sharon] Filming, so. – [Jennifer] That’s cool. – [Susan] We asked a fellow New Yorker a recommendation for good pizza. – [Linda] And we ended up at Luigi’s Pizza Gourmet Grill. – [Susan] Luigi’s. – [Linda] Luigi, Luigi’s. – [Susan] So that thin pizza, this is what we were searching for. So fantastic. Ah! Warm pizza on a cold day, yes. This is your authentic New York slice guys. We’re gonna win. – [Linda] Okay, dish up. – We tried this pizza. It was really good, but it was fancy, so now we’re gonna see if the 99 cent pizza is better than or as good as this one.

I’m never gonna eat this pizza. How am I supposed to eat this? – Oh yeah. Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – [Susan] Do we win? – [Sharon] Uh huh. – Yeah. Winners! – It wasn’t that high five. – Missed the high five. – Whoo. – That is really good pizza for our food adventure. And it’s only 99 cents, so.. – We’re here at Max Brenner’s. I’m so excited. – [Sharon] It’s a bunch of chocolate. – [Linda] We’re just gonna eat so much chocolate. I’m like, so pumped. [Susan] How is your lemonade? – It is so good. – That is so good. – It is really really good. And it’s called a hug mug, cuz you like hug it with your hands, and take a sip, so I’m gonna try it, I think it looks really good. That’s so chocolaty, oh my God. That’s so good. – Okay, this is our dessert – one of ’em. This is another one, and more is coming. We couldn’t resist. We had to get as many as possible.

So excited! – [Linda] Sharon has had like; three bowl of chocolate ice cream. We had all these fancy desserts, and she just had three bowls of chocolate ice cream. – Not three bowl; I’ve had… This is my part second, I’ve had one and like; a couple bites. – Where you excited for your dessert, Susan? – I’m so excited having our NY food adventure; I had a s’more’s sundae, and it was so good. – [Jennifer] It’s gone. – [Linda] We had two more desserts too, but we already ate them.

Thank you guys so much for reading this fun story of our food adventure, I hope you enjoyed being part of us go to New York for a day of one of our food adventure’s.

Thank you, and we’ll see you later, bye y’all! Mwah. Feel free to leave your comments!

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