Barron and Jeffries take on the Mann

No one should take advice from a man with that much pancake makeup (Source: Jeanne Noonan for New York Daily)


Let’s all listen to what Councilmember Vallone thinks about a crappy new ABC show.


Turns out organized labor is willing to put up a fight about their pensions, especially when the crisis is the fault of the 1%. Almost as much of a fight as the raisin industry people are willing to put up against the craisin industry people.*


Rep. Turner might lose his district. Surprise of the century….NOT.


Can everyone stop smoking so we don’t have to be subjected to anymore anti-smoking campaigns?


Councilmember Barron and Assemblymember Jeffries finally team suggest that districts outlined by Judge Roanne Mann will put black people “back on the plantation.”


Cuomo wusses out on standing up for immigrants even when 22% of New York State is foreign born. He’s so pragmatic and moderate?


*New York Journal does not currently take an editorial stance on dried fruits.

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