New York City For Travelers – How to Live Cheap in New York

How Expensive is New York City For TravelersYou may have heard that visiting New York City is every expensive, and it can be. Tips how to Live Cheap in New York.

So how costly is New York City for a traveler. Well. Why don’t we start with accommodation, and if you were on the ultra-budget side? You’re very likely going to be looking at a hostel somewhere In Uptown Manhattan. You can get a bed in a divided dorm room for between 40 to 50 dollars a night. Now one step up and what I would recommend to any friend of mine visiting New York Would be to try to find an Airbnb Room in a shared apartment in order to live cheap in New York. Where the owner very likely lives there at the same time, and you can get a room in Manhattan between 80 to 120 dollars a night and later the next step up of course would be a hotel. There are so many in midtown Manhattan It’s going to be tough to find anything under 100 dollars a night. You’re probably looking over at least 150 dollars a night or more on a hotel and then if you want to leave Manhattan and really save some money. If you’re looking in Brooklyn, Queens, or in New Jersey, You’re going to save money on lodging.

Let’s talk about food and drink, and the great irony about New York City is that it has some of the most overpriced and some of the cheapest options in the world.

You can manage a day in New York City on just 10 dollars for eating and drinking and while I don’t recommend you do it every day for your health. It was certainly a fun challenge.

Let’s start with going out to eat, and that can cost you anywhere from 1 dollar for a dollar pizza place to a $750 26 course meal. Typically for myself when I go out with friends I’m going to be spending at least 20 to 30 dollars after tax and tip on a meal, and this is not even talking about drinks, if you want to throw alcohol into the mix. That check could get up easily to 40 to 50 dollars a person or more.

And speaking of alcohol so only throwing out some numbers here in my experience, average beer is about 6 dollars, normal mixed drink 8 dollars and for you cocktail snobs out there we’re going to be pushing it to 12 to 15 dollars for your favorite libation if you’re ever in a pinch for food. My foremost advice for you in New York City Is to go to one of the many 24-hour delis. They’re practically on every corner, and they have a wide variety of food selections. A lot of sandwiches so definitely worth a look when you visit.

Let’s talk about transportation and one of these subways is best, and you can ride along the entire line with just one pass. It’s also 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in my opinion, that is one of the best values in the world for transportation considering how costly New York City is for many other things. Of course, walking is most likely your optimal bet In Manhattan you can walk from Midtown-Manhattan to Greenwich Village in about 30 minutes or so which helps living cheap in New York.

That same taxi ride will cost you about 12 dollars Uber would be similar, and i believe that, taxis and Uber’s in New York are not that costly compared to other cities I’ve been to for the same distances. Hows that for living cheap in New York.


What about activities in New York And how expensive are those? Well, I could probably make 100 posts about things to do in New York City. The best thing to do in New York just walk around go soak in neighborhoods. The sights and sounds like that’s all free. There’re also about 100 museums in New York. Many of them have free day’s others of them are donation based.

You could go to check out Central Park walk around there. If you want to rent a bike in Central Park, it’s going to cost you about 15 dollars. The biggest draw in New York City is probably going to a Broadway show, and this is a wide spectrum of pricing you could get Hamilton’s tickets for 200 dollars. You could find shows for as cheap as 5 dollars.

The bottom line is that as a tourist in New York unless you want to cook all your own stuff, or just eat fast food, you’re going to have to spend some money. Your best bet is to try to avoid staying in only the high-priced areas of Manhattan and expand to other boroughs, go explore different neighborhoods.

Do tell me in the comments how expensive is New York compared to where you’re from? I’m curious. Suggestions on how to live cheap in New York are very welcome.

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