Big plans for Seaview Marina


Work on adding 56 berths to Seaview Marina is about to get under way as part of a major development of the area.

The creation of 43 more 10-metre berths and 13 berths for big catamarans will take Seaview Marina a big step closer towards completing maximum development inside the breakwaters.

At present plenty of 10m boats are having to be moored at 12m and 14m berths, which means the marina is not maximising revenue and has no larger berths left to offer new clients. The redevelopment, which should be done before Christmas, means the marina will again have 12m berths to market.

Part of that work will see establishment of a commercial vessel wharf, and a floating diesel and petrol facility shifted closer to the entrance of the marina so that any boat seeking to refuel doesn’t need to wend its way through all the moorings.


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