A Brighter Tomorrow – Solar Power Finally Becomes the Cheapest Source for New Energy

Say Hello to cheap energy!


We are at a turning point as solar energy now costs less than fossil fuels. Exciting new research, together with more energy-efficient tech should shift our path from a future of world pollution and depleted resources, to one with fresh air, cleaner surroundings, and the promise of unlimited energy.



Of course, the use of dirty energy will not stop just because other forms are cheaper in some parts of the world, but the promise here lies in the gradual impact that reports like those the WEF and the BNEF make: that humanity is not doomed to use fossil fuels, and that cleaner, alternative energy sources are actually viable.

In the next decade or so, the price of solar energy is expected to fall to about half of what it costs to generate electricity from coal. And all these estimations reck nothing of the possibilities of futuristic energy sources that are still in research and development, and are yet far over the horizon. Nuclear fusion, for instance, would certainly change the rules of the game, though it is proving to be rather more difficult of attainment than previously thought; other conceivable power technology, such as space-based solar energy, are equally remote, though promising.

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