NY is about to get Un-Healthy

NY is about to get Un-Healthy


This is the douchiest shirt we’ve ever seen on too many levels. (Source: NYC & Company)


The latest voting count for a Brooklyn State Senate seat puts candidate Lew Fidler ahead by 3 votes in the this-is-why-your-vote-matters election of the month.


Bad news on the health care front for those of us who aren’t the 1%, but also are not at the poverty level: Healthy NY is not accepting new patients, except on its shitty high-deductible plan. They have cited rising costs. OMG this sounds so familiar….


Also, you can’t buy faux pot legally in New York State anymore. This is upsetting to some politicians? On a sort of related note, Syracuse police aren’t selling background checks anymore. It would be really embarrassing if you got busted for buying fake pot and someone found out from the po-po…don’t tell anyone they can go through the Courts instead!


Really ugly NYC-branded tee shirts are not made in New York City, New York State, or even America. They are also being sold at Aeropostale, which is also kinda insulting.


NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn doesn’t know how to keep her preference for helping the 1% over the 99% subtle.


Wanna found out how much aid your school district is getting? Check it. We regret that the State does not know how to transfer a Word file to PDF. Ouch.


SUNY is going to buy hydrofracked gas for five campuses?? Something tells us that SUNY knew it wouldn’t get away with this on Purchase and New Paltz campuses. Well played.

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