Trieste, the city of fashion

39Most people love Italy and it’s dolce vita. One of the special cities is called Trieste. Did you know that Trieste play host to the International Talent Support Contest? It’s all about fashion and the award celebrates the most promising talents in fashion design. It’s always worth checking out to keep up with new trends. Below a story that talks more about it:

For a few days every year in July, Trieste is one of the most important places on the planet to discover the next best thing in the world of fashion design.

Since launching in 2002, the International Talent Support (ITS) contest has invited students from 70 countries — spanning a network of nearly 1000 schools and universities — to compete for a breadth of awards, celebrating not just clothes, but jewelery, accessories and, for the first time this year, art.

“This is all about young creativity,” says ITS director Barbara Franchin. “They’re the future, so of course we must offer them friendship and support.”

Being a fashion event, no one is ever more than a few feet away from a poised camera-phone, and so the highlights are a dish best served on social media…

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