5 Unusual ways to stay fit and active

13Keeping fit shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience that keeps you coming back for more. If the idea of working out at a gym for hours on end doesn’t appeal to you then worry not, because here are 4 alternative and highly enjoyable methods of having fun whilst keeping fit at the same time.


When many of us use trampolines, we generally do so out of enjoyment, because it’s fun to actually bounce up and down, perhaps doing the odd flip and somersault here and there. As well as being incredibly fun however, using a trampoline is also very good for your health and it provides you with a fantastic cardiovascular workout. As well as that, it also helps to tone the muscles as you use them to help gain momentum with each bounce that you perform. Trampoline classes are becoming quite popular and you can mix it up by also playing sports such as basketball on the trampoline. Thirty minutes of bouncing on a trampoline has the potential to burn an average of 180 – 200 calories.


By dancing, we don’t mean head out to the clubs as this more than often leads to excessive alcohol consumption. No, the dancing we have in mind is undertaken as part of a dance class with other like-minded individuals looking to lose weight, have fun, and get fitter in the process. Dance classes are now hugely popular, with street dance, zumba, and even salsa classes. With a typical one hour dance class, it isn’t uncommon for users to burn off around 600 – 800 calories, sometimes even more than that. The reason why dance classes are so popular is the fact that people actually enjoy the activity and have their minds taken off of the exercising aspect of the activity via the music and fun atmosphere.


Martial arts classes are another prime example of how you can have fun, learn a new skill, learn self discipline and other character improving traits, as well as getting fitter and healthier. There are a number of different forms of martial arts classes out there, with seemingly something for everybody to choose from. Whether you’re into karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, MMA or anything else for that matter, the chances are that there are martial arts fitness classes in your area to suit your every need. Martial arts classes are proving especially popular and beneficial for children as they help them to get away from their games consoles and to get some much needed exercise. The classes also teach them valuable life traits such as self discipline, which helps set them up for later in life.


Over the last few years, military style bootcamps have increased in popularity quite dramatically, and for good reason too. Bootcamps are often carried out outdoors giving you the chance to get some fresh air and to get out and about. They’re often completely unique and something you’ll have never experienced before, and above all else, they burn some serious calories and provide you with one heck of a workout. One of the main reasons why bootcamps are proving so effective is the fact that they’re performed in groups, which means that not only can members help each other and spur each other on, it also adds a slight competitive element as nobody really wants to be the first person in the group to quit, and so they push themselves that little bit further.


There are plenty of water activities such as surfing, swimming, sailing, water skiing are only some examples of activities related to water. If you are expecting, some water activities are great for the pre-natal period, being low impact and still keeping you active. And if in need of a bit more adrenaline, book a surfing, kayaking or water skiing class which will give you a good workout while enjoying the outdoors.

So there we have it, just five simple and effective ways of making exercising fun and enjoyable for those who don’t want to always hit the gym.

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