Mayor De Blasio Continues Crackdown On Ebikes

Ebikes have been deemed illegal in New York City due to state laws that disallow the use on bike lanes with motors.


In New York, the law has been handled lax, yet during de Blasio’s first term, were strictly enforced.

Towards the end of 2017, the city announced that the confiscation and ticketing of ebikes were up to 170%.


De Blasio’s regime announced that starting in January 2018 controls and fine policies would grow even stricter. At the moment, ebikers are subject to confiscation and a $500 fine.

This is unbelievable as around the world ebikes are more and more popular and are a very efficient way to get around a city, and New York is predestined for Ebikes.

Blasio chill and get a grip.

You can read a full story over at Forbes.

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