Can I Recycle-50% of NYC Teachers?

Is recycling sensual enough now? (Source:


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby Blue Ivy was born in a Lenox Hill Hospital room that makes us want to run into traffic.


NY Times reporter Jim Dwyer believes New York State can still have affordable energy after a shutdown of Indian Point Nuclear Plant.


Mayor Bloomberg promised to expand recycling efforts in New York City during his State of the City address. Recycling bins, say hello to yogurt cups! However, Bloomberg also proposed firing half of all New York City teachers. Students, say hello to even lower morale at school!


The EPA wants New York to get it together on fracking.


Comptroller DiNapoli sez tax collections are low this year.


Conservative Dem Mark Murphy, son of ex-Congressman John Murphy, will try to unseat Staten Island’s own Tea Party douche Rep. Michael Grimm.


Meanwhile, the king of Tea Party douche Mark Meckler thinks it’s totally cool to bring weapons on airplanes. We wonder what he would think if a brown person did this.


A heartwarming story about a homeless teen turned scientist in Long Island.


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